On the 26th of November, Prague is hosting local tech companies that will compete in a gaming tournament playing Counter Strike. Fee will be pledged towards supplying gaming consoles for kids hospitals and children's hospital departments. We will be supplying Xbox consoles with as many games and controllers as we have the budget for, with regards to the number of hospitals which participate in the program.

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Contestants are competing in a 'Best of 21' elimination matches. Teams consists of 5 players with 1 reserve.


Players will be equipped with computers and peripherals from our sponsors, but are able to use their own peripherals if it doesn't require additional driver installation. No changes to the computer settings are to be made. You are able to login with your own Steam account and to apply your own gameplay settings within the game.


The game in question is: 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive'.


The match begins with team captains competing in a coin toss, where the winner picks either the map, or which side (C or T) he wants to start as. The other team then has a choice of either the map, or the side, depending on which choice is left by the first team.


Vyskočilova 1561/4a, Praha 4, Czech Republic

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